Maintenance & Emergencies

All maintenance & repairs should be reported to your View West Property Group – Property Manager, and ideally should be in writing, so both you and the property manager have a record of it.

In situations of an emergency, please phone our office on (08) 9339 3955. If after hours, please contact the emergency hotline on 0419 868 454.

Your lease agreement does not authorise you to undertake repairs yourself. If you do so, the lessor is not obliged to reimburse you for the cost incurred. We will engage the necessary tradespeople as they are trusted and qualified by our company to carry out emergency repairs.

Emergency items are generally those that could cause injury to the tenant or damage to the property, and may include:

  • water pipes have broken or burst
  • blocked or broken toilet (if a second toilet not available)
  • serious roof leak or gas leak
  • dangerous electrical fault, dangerous power point, loose live wire etc
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm, fire or impact damage (ie impact by a motor vehicle)
  • failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises
  • hot water service failure on a weekend
  • fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure
  • fault likely to injure a person, cause damage or undue inconvenience

Please complete the form below to organise maintenance

Property Adddress
Details of Repair
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Complete if issue involves one of the following items:

Hot Water - electricgas

Oven - electricgas

Stove - electricgas

Tenants Requirements to Allow Tradesperson on the Property to repair the problem or to review and provide a quote.

If animals are kept on Premises the tenant has locked-up or restrained them.
Approval is given by the Tenant to allow the Agency to provide the Tradesperson with a key on the day that entry is required.
Tenants will be on site. Tradersperson to call and arrange a time. * Please note that if an arranged time has been booked and the tenant is not on site the tenant maybe charged for a call out fee.