Looking for a rental property?

If you’ve ever rented a property you’ll know that the rental market fluctuates and it can be a minefield to navigate. So why try to find the right rental property for you and your family on your own when you can let our team take the weight of house-hunting off your shoulders?

In the fast-moving rental market, having a dedicated professional on the lookout for you can make all the difference between you getting or missing out on that perfect property. Reach out to us with what you are after and you will get first access to new, suitable properties as they come onto the market, which means no more trawling through online listings.

Need to find a place urgently? Let us know and we will immediately filter through our available properties to quickly and efficiently find the home that is perfect for you. We will even assist you with your application.

We have properties spread across the Perth metropolitan area, so call View West today and let us do the job that we love to do – finding your dream home.


If you’ve already seen your perfect property on our website, you can complete a Tenant Application Form here.

Are you a current tenant?

Is there something at your current rental property that needs looking at or fixing? Please fill in this maintenance request form and our team will get on to addressing your home’s issues right away.